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Family Strong!
Family Strong!

Los Pompis Mata

Thank you for taking the time to visit our team page 'LOS POMPIS MATA'! We appreciate your support & invite you to donate to a special cause that will help create awareness & increase screening! On behalf of the Colon Cancer Coalition Org and our Father Cecilio & Sister Marissa....we THANK YOU!

Dear Family & Friends,

Our Family has signed up for our annual walk/run 5k as means to fundraise and bring awareness to colon cancer through the Colon Cancer Coalition Organization. Many of you may not know that we lost our Father Cecilio in 2005 and that our younger Sister Marissa is a colon cancer survivor. I encourage you to read her inspiring personal story below and support us in this cause that is very important to our Family.

"On July 8, I will walk in memory of my father, Cecilio Mata, who lost his battle with cancer and in honor of all of those who have been affected by this horrible disease just as I personally have.

In early 2005, my father was diagnosed with GI cancer. Tragically, he passed away a couple of months after his initial diagnosis. He was only 58 years old. Speaking with our physicians, our family was informed we should be screened for cancer 10 years prior to the age our father was diagnosed - which meant at the age of 48. I had a ways to go to be screened as at the time, I was only 25 years old.

In late 2015, things didn't seem right. I spoke to my physician about my concerns and eventually saw a specialist in early 2016. Initilally, it was thought I had food allergies, but that would not be the case. After a sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 35 years of age. I was devasted, in disbelief, and in shock. My world was turned upside down. Roughly two weeks after my diagnosis, I had part of my colon removed. About a month and a half after my surgery (and two days after my 36th birthday), I started my six month journey with chemotherapy.

It has now been two years since my colon cancer diagnosis and there is no evidence of cancer in my body. I continue to be monitored and tested and will never be the same. I am so blessed and greatfull to my husband, my family and friends, and my medical team. I have a different outlook on life and don't take anything for granted.

It is important for you to never ignore any changes in the way your body feels or unusual symptoms you are experiencing. If you are of guideline age, get screened. If cancer runs in your family, get screened early. If something just doesn’t feel right, see your doctor. Early detection may save your life - It saved mine." - Marissa Garcia

We invite you to support us and the mission of this coalition. Below are many ways you can do so:

1. You can register online and join LOS POMPIS MATA team and run/walk with us on July 8 in San Francisco, California.
2. You can make a tax-deductible donation by using the Donate Now link to our team or click on any specific member of our team for a individual personal donation. Our team goal is to raise at least $2,000 to increase colon cancer screening rates and awareness. No amount is too small and it all adds up!
3. You can encourage those who have symptoms, are of testing age per guidelines, or have a family history of cancer to be screened.
4. You can simply keep LOS POMPIS MATA in your thoughts the morning of July 8 and all year long.

For information about this event, the programs it supports, and colon cancer education, you can visit the Colon Cancer Coalition’s website at

Thank you for your support!

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