Boston - 2017

Bum Rushers

It's an odd thing to be a cancer survivor family. After the years, the memory begins to fade. Mundane things like work, and school, and groceries replace the fear and vigilance of a cancer diagnoses.

But, the cancer is always there. Whether it be the daily side effects of colon surgery, or the concern that is raised for a stomach flu or a minor indigestion. The cancer is always looming large in the background. We realize how inextricably our life has been changed by cancer.

We also begin to take for granted the blessings that we have. We forget how close we were to losing all that we have; how a few wayward cells could have changed our family forever. But as we sit and watch the sunset, or laugh at a private joke, or have grand adventures; we are reminded how lucky we truly are.

This year marks the 6th Annual Get Your Rear in Gear Race in Boston. We run to raise awareness about colon cancer and we share our story. With early diagnoses, colon cancer is treatable and curable. The Boston Race raises funds for preventative and diagnostic care in our communities; so that no one has to suffer with this horrible disease.

We hope that you can join us this year on our team, The Bum Rushers; or donate funds to our team and this important cause. The race is on September 24th this year on Carson Beach in Southie. Please join us!

Carrie, Edward, Xavier, & Jalen

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