Kansas City - 2017


                       My name is Shanie Hepler and I was an AVP of Operations at Farmers Bank of KC. I have been in banking since 1989. More importantly, I am a mother of three beautiful children. I have a daughter named Tiffanie who is 23, a son named Alexander who is 21 and a daughter named Karah who is 8. I am also a grandmother to a four-year-old boy named Brayden. 

After the initial reaction to a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer, my life became incredibly blessed.  I was surrounded in so much love and support.  I had no idea a person could be loved that much. My faith became stronger than it ever was before. I started viewing life, every second of every day, as a precious gift. I don’t think you can truly be that grateful until you face the thought process of dying.  I am not saying my journey has been easy or a bed of roses.  I am saying that God surrounded me and showed me how beautiful life really is. I am sure my family and friends have suffered more than they would ever show or say, but their love and support for me has never waivered.

 Although I didnt survive my diagnosis, I live to be a voice for others to spread awareness and save lives through my story. My advice to you is this: surround yourself with positive, faithful people who can build you up when you can’t do it yourself. Let people help you instead of feeling hopeless no matter how small the task. Surround yourself with other survivors so you can freely talk about your fears.  It is ok to have down days. Be a voice and tell your story so you can help save lives of others through spreading awareness.



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