Charlotte 2017

clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose.

Welcome to Arthur Morehead's team, "clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose."  As a team member/family member/friend/co-worker/or just plain Arthur-admirer, we hope you will join us on March 4 for Charlotte's "Get Your Rear in Gear" 5k run or walk. No matter your speed, we know that you love Arthur and hope you can join us on this special Saturday in March. This will be a day of hope, love, and celebration.

Please register and/or donate to colon cancer research on our team page...... for Arthur, and all of the other Arthurs out there. Stay tuned for info on our fundraising progress and post-race brunch.  To order a team shirt, please go to:  Any questions?  Email Christy's sister or brother  ( or  See you on race day.

Arthur's story: 

Arthur began experiencing GI pain in late June. Ultimately, on June 29th, Arthur had emergency surgery to remove a large tumor in his colon.  He spent 8 long days in the hospital. Pathology confirmed that Arthur had colon cancer and five weeks after surgery he began chemotherapy. 

After several rounds of grueling chemo, Arthur underwent HIPEC surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on December 5th. Following the eight-hour surgery, the doctor reported that it went very well and that he was able to remove all visible disease. On December 12th Arthur came home to Charlotte to begin a long, tough, and enduring recovery.

Christy and Arthur have embodied courage, perseverance, faith, determination, and hope during the chemotherapy, the difficult yet successful surgery, and the ongoing recovery.  They have held steadfast to "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."  

Most of you know that Arthur loves to coach. An avid sports fan and participant, he brings a knowledge of sports to coaching, but also a quiet determination and grit. For all of you that aren’t familiar with the best little league in the world, Myers Park Trinity, Arthur was part of the coaching team that led Ben’s 11 yr. old all-star team to a State Championship and onto Regionals. This is when the “Clear eyes” motto became a household phrase. For those of you that were there when that special team won the State championship, I don’t have to describe to you why this motto has come to define Arthur's journey. For those who were not there, suffice it to say that it was a moment of hard-earned joy; a moment that Arthur was deeply involved in; a moment where Arthur’s spirit was tangible. Boys were down 5-1 in final game, last at bat. Arthur was in the dugout with the boys, and in no uncertain terms he let those boys know that there was no way they were not gonna win that very inning. In his “Arthur way” he never let them hang their heads. Arthur had every boy believing that at the very least they were going to get a hit. And that they did, one after the other, until the grand slam.

Now it is our turn to be there for Arthur, as he was for those boys.  Arthur was down 5-1, but we are witnessing his incredible, courageous, hard-fought, determined comeback.  You can do it, Arthur.  We're with you.  Clear eyes.  Full hearts.  Can't lose.  













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